Greetings, and thanks for joining me.

I was reluctant to use the phrase anywhere in this post to tell my story because of the traditional use of it in our societies reference to the LGBT community. However, over the course of my preparation to type my story and send it out to the blogeshpere, Diana Ross’ “I’m Comin’ Out.” Was the theme music I’d bop to in my head. Theretofore, with a sincere and dutiful spirit, I use the phrase and come out to you right now…

My name is Ayesha, and I am a woman with ADHD.

I Also have two degrees in Psychology and have been working in the field for over 12 years. I’m a wife to a College football coach, a mother to two adorable toddlers and a pretty savvy entrepreneur. These characteristics and achievements are easy to tell you about and I’m proud to identify with. The first still feels like a new tattoo. Throughout my years of working with children and families I witnessed the struggles that the school systems and the community created and while feeling drawn to helping, it has only been till very recent that I entertained the fact that I shared similar characteristics.

After listening to Monica A. Colman (who’s a very cool woman you should check her out) speak about telling her story to cast out I felt deeply moved to do just that. For years, I’ve hidden a piece of myself. Even after admitting to myself that my “weirdness” was really getting in the way of my own progress, I still had to come to grips with the actual diagnosis and taking that on as a part of me.

So there it is for the first time in Black and White! I have Attention Deficit Disorder.


Still feels weird but I’m good!

Savvy me

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