Motivated Mama Moment: Snack Bags

Precut fruit for toddlers on the go in summer

Pre-cut fruit for toddlers on the go in summer

I don’t enjoy giving my kids processed foods. Ideally, I would love to say that my kids’ snacks would spread evenly around First Lady Obama’s food plate, but I’m not a good liar. I try hard to keep the house stocked with fresh food; but I will not hesitate to throw a pack of fruit snacks or a chewy bar on the table.

There are times when I’m motivated and the opportunity presents itself where I can do those extras. Today, my husband and I did our mid-week grocery run together. His presence has a way of giving me the mental room I need, to be proactive. I know these baggies make my life easier, area a step away from processed foods, and give the kids healthy options to grab when I’m not quick enough for them.

Tip: For apples and other types of fruit that have a tendency to brown after slicing, sprinkling a citrus mixture of lemon sugar and water in your baggie will slow down that process.

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