Endometriosis: don’t suffer in silence!


For all the women who are wondering “should the pain and discomfort be this bad?!”

I have had endometriosis for about 7 years now. For those who have never heard of the disorder, it is the result of cells of the endometrial lining ( forms within the uterus and sheds every month; commonly refered to as a woman’s period) grow in places other than where it was designed to.

These cells Endo diagramgrow and shed just as they are supposed to, but cause severe pain and scarring to those organs not equipped for the process.

The intimate nature of the disorder, mainly due to the fact that we still have to make up cute code-words for the natural process, makes it difficult for women to freely discuss or identify it.

I went to doctors who dismissed my facts, feelings and emotions, as I continued to suffer and endure the invisible pain. However, I continued to trust my own instincts and seek help. I had my first official laproscopic diagnosis in 2009.

You are the Expert in YOU

Recently, I have begun to experience similar symptoms to the ones before my surgery. I admit that for a few months tried to convince myself I was psyching myself out; as if my intuition was the cause of the pain, and not my body’s radar detecting a problem and protecting itself.

After coming to my senses and making an appointment, I realized that there are other strong women being weakened by someone else’s bad judgment or dismissive bedside manner! I would like to encourage you this morning.

You have an inclination, an instinct, to live your best life!

Embrace the fact that you are an expert in YOU! Get a second or 3rd opinion if necessary. It took 4 attempts before I found a doctor that heard me and healed me.

It has been 5 years…I may shed some tears at my appointment this week; tears of joy! There is nothing better than being heard and validated.

Think you’ve been ignoring your intuition? Let’s talk about it! I would love to answer any questions about my journey with this disorder, and even offer a referral to Dr.Angela Gonzalez if you are in the NY Metro area.

You may endure in silence, but you are not by yourself!

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