Boss Behavior: know when to say “No”

Tomorrow I’m attending the S.H.E.Summit hosted by 92nd St. Y, and Claudia Chan. Here’s a link to the event. If you are attending I’d love to connect with you.
I’m flying solo tomorrow; however, I am determined to walk with confidence and embrace the Boss Behavior I had admired a few weeks back. This event is just what I need to build that assurance as an entrepreneur that is still getting her feet wet. I’m going to have my ears open for conversations on this topic.

Savvy AD/HD Sista

imageThis week I attended a seminar for women-owned small businesses, with one of my closest friends. Both of us have chosen to fully embrace our entrepreneurial roles, and have set out to strengthen our business savvy with every opportunity available to us. This seminar provided us with all we needed to know about government contacts and we met some powerful women in the sector. As much as I learned and experienced, there’s only one lesson that sticks out for me…

We were forewarned that the building where it would be held was federally owned and we’d be entering “TSA Style” which meant airport security techniques such as removing shoes and possible wand assisted body searches. Therefore, we arrived early to allow time for metal detectors and checks.

AI waited in line, shoes and belt in hand, the line was delayed by a woman who my friend and I…

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