Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Sista Circle Support network is a passion project that I started this year as a service women who want to connect and grow to their next level. One of the topics, healthy relationships” has proven to be more popular than I expected. Therefore, I feel I should share with others who may be interested. Please let me know what your thoughts on it. Pass it on!
Blessings 🙂

Sista Circle Support Services

(Excerpt from SCSN Healthy Relationships Program)

Importance of Healthy Relationships

Coffee breakThere isn’t a relationship more important than the one that we have with ourselves. It is a fundamental element of our survival. However, we can not survive without each other. You and I couldn’t make it without having connections outside of the one we have with ourselves. Human connection satisfies our need for security and physiological well being; so that we can focus on the bigger concerns. We build communities with grocery stores and doctor’s offices. We make rules that we all agree to follow, so that we can live together peacefully. Even with our basic needs of food shelter, we still need people. We come together in families, networks, friendship circles, instinctively; because we are social creatures and it is in our nature to belong and to be loved. For women, this instinct is hard-wired. We feel deeper, we…

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