Be Awesome

Be Awesome

When something is considered “awesome” it inspires admiration or wonder. It has become a popular colloquialism that we use to describe just about everything. It’s a fail safe word when you don’t have much else to say. However, I believe the act of awesomeness is a choice! To act in a way that inspires others to wonder and admire your process, is a way to motivate yourself and the people around you.
I challenge you to find one simple way to be awesome for yourself or for someone else. I have a ton of laundry to do along side a list of work that I’d rather focus on…like many of my ADHD sistas (and those who’ve identified some ADHD-ish tendencies) I HATE the mundanity of laundry; I hate it! I could go on about my loathing of household tasks for days. Instead, I’m gonna focus on how awesome it will be tomorrow when I’m able to get the family dressed without the scavenger hunt! 2hrs of grind today, for Ten extra minutes of AWESOME!

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