My Inspiration: Why ADHD Won’t Stop Me

Toddler tootsies

I always describe Kayah as “a force.”  At one years old, I see this girl move whatever she comes into contact with. She’s fearless yet she’s thoughtful. What most strikes me in awe, is that she has taken her fathers approach to fail. Kayah moves as if she understands that failure is an inevitable and important tool to success. She is not easily dissuaded by her atmosphere. She adapts and studies the no in a situation and figures out what to do with it, so she can continue to move in the direction that suits her mission.

 A force will challenge you, change you, and/or work with you, but it will not stop.

It’s amazes me how God has used her to bless my life. I probably would have stayed still without her. I was good with just me and my bright brilliant boy; ahead of his time but stubborn about his own needs and desires. He was so easy to roll with because we were both good to just…roll. He wanted me as I was. We were and still are, SO in love with each other. Maybe it’s because he’s my first born son. I often hear similar depictions of the Mommy-Son relationship.

when God said

Kayah is coming, so you will have to move!

it was hard to understand, but I decided to roll with it because once God said it, I’ve learned that it’s done. Thinking back to that pregnancy, I believed I knew but I had no IDEA what the word’s God spoke really meant. Kayah makes you run. She makes you look for more. My daughter pulls you to go further. She tells you where she’s going and invites you to go with her, but will not be stopped by your speed or refusal.

She moved me to figure myself out and get help with my short comings. I wanted to roll with her. She’s cool to roll with me too; but she will also climb, jump,flip, and even crawl to get around so I had to get my s&¥t together!

A force. Recon with her or not, she’s moving higher, deeper, further; Fearless and happy. I wanna be like her when I grow up. I can’t wait to tell her that when she can understand it

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