I Did It! : A Practical Solution With A Savvy Twist

Sista Circle Support Network

I have worked with inner city youth in the NYC area for over 15 years. After becoming a wife and mother of 2, I gained a broader understanding of the role women play in the community, and how their success is vital to that of the children I had been working so hard for all of these years.  In order to fully improve our communities we must start at the foundation.

Women are the heart of the families that make up our communities. Empower them, build their resources, connect them to the right people and you will see big changes.

A While back, I set out to find  some sisterly support after receiving an unsettling diagnosis that brought about some difficult times for me (Learn more about that here! ).

During my search, I wrote about my frustration as I scoured my resources for just the right type of support to get me through the tough time. As a therapist, I am a believer in the power of talk and the healing that group support can bring.

So, when I was unable to find a collective of women of similar background, sharing similar walks of life that I could sit and hash out the crisis with, I felt lost. I longed for that “salve called sistahood

I wasn’t able to find exactly what I was looking for. I also couldn’t help but wonder how many women out there were in the same place as I was…

Looking for a safe space…

A group to validate our experiences as women…

Sharing  knowledge…

Connecting lives…

Creating solutions

Conquering  challenges…

After much prayer and petitioning I decided that Instead of sulking, I’d offer a solution of my own.

The Sista Circle Support Network


Created out of love and necessity, this unique program gives me the ability to share my gifts and resources, while connecting other women and giving them the opportunity to do the same.


Want to Connect With Sista Circle ?

Do you have a desire to connect with other women of shared experiences to solve a problem or develop skills or knowledge?

Would you like to develop and discover skills you can use to affect change in your life and your community?

Do you know of or are part of a group of women that would like to form a closer bond while learning, growing and helping together?

You Can Book A Circle-Building Forum!

If you work with an organization or community affiliate that  would like to Implement the Sista Circle Program On a larger Scale, click here and check out what’s available !

I’m Blessed to Be able to offer My gifts, Living What I Love! Please offer your feedback or just show love 🙂

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