The Push It Process: an Overview of My Systems Method of Goal Setting

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Here’s the basic description of the method that I share with consumers and all who seek my advice On goal setting . I plan to go into more detail over the course of  the next 12 months. I will set the foundation here, and I should hope that you follow along and set some new systems for yourself along the way . We can swap stories, triumphs and failures. This system is not meant to be done solo; so at the very  least, help me by reading the updates and holding me accountable for my words here this year.  It would mean so much!

In order for this method to work, a few prerequisites are in order:

1. This is YOUR decision to ensue change in life. It isn’t magic. Not until you get to the root of what you want and what makes you feel joy in life.

2. A key ingredient to personal achievement is your desire to change something. This desire, or Will,no matter where you muster it up from, can drive you past your personal limitations and gives you the “go-go” juice needed to set fear & doubt aside for the sake of what you are striving for.

3. Embrace the Fail.There will be failure! If something’s worth the trouble, trouble is a given. Most importantly, failure is essential. You don’t know what your limit is until you attempt to reach beyond that limit; and only in those moments will you see the growth.

4. This method should be used as an ongoing process of growth. You won’t be able to wake up on the first of the year or at whatever point you decide to switch up, and have stroll into your new way of life. With every day you learn something new about you and should accept that the journey toward your aspirations isn’t an overnight hike.

Step 1: focus on your key aspirations

here are a few questions to guide you in this step.  “What are the things activities and events that I participate in that bring me the most joy?” when you wake up each morning, are you setting out to do? is it a joy or a duty? What would you do if you could choose to do 3 things everyday for the rest of your life? the answers to these types of questions will help you narrow down some relevant aspirations. These aspirations will be the foundation of your personal success plan so take your time when you take on this step. I suggest journalling over the next week about the topic.  You can expect to define and/or reevaluate your core values with this step. after coming up with some values that seem relevant, attainable and at the same time, should be at least one step outside of your comfort zone. Remember, we are looking for growth no happy stagnation till next year. Narrow this list to no more than four aspirations. If you have trouble narrowing it down, check to see if you can be more objective and specific. Some of your aspirations may be related.

Step 2: analyze the steps that it will take to reach those aspirations

after narrowing down your aspirations, or objectives for the year, break them down into smaller steps that best Suit your personal strengths. I  start this step out in the style of a detailed outline. if I can see it, I can do it. So I make sure to set my aspirations in story form. This also gives me the feedback I need when I am feeling lost or out of touch with the big picture. This is my personal preference, this is not set in stone. However you choose to break it down make sure it’s consistent for each of  your objectives.

Step 3: break these steps down even further in a way that is comfortable for you and your needs. breaking the goals down by month or in whatever natural breaks you have in your year, helps to build the routine necessary to  go the distance.

Step 4: incorporate these into your daily or weekly routine

you should be able to start establishing daily or weekly routine actions working their way into your routine. I will be sharing  my own journey with this method this year. I will be able to provide some examples of how to incorporate the steps that I’ve designed for my own aspirations of 2014. 


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