Go Rogue: Use your AD/HD to Manage your Own Business

imageLet’s get real. 9 to 5 and ADD don’t always go together. Changes to Internal or External circumstances can have a major effect on how a Woman with ADD/ADHD operates professionally. Sometimes the treatment plan and your Professional plans just won’t add up. There may come a time when you have to decide to venture out on your own and become the Femtrepreneuer that your ADHD mind has dreamed of. There is a common saying ” Work to live, Don’t live to work.” ADHD doesn’t have to stop you from joining the 10.6 million+ women who’ve considered doing both!

Going Rogue

After the conception of my second child, the demands of family work and marriage became increasingly overwhelming for me. It became more and more difficult to meet the demands of each and still feel good internally. Over time I found myself sacrificing happiness; and asking myself more and more,What was I doing all of it for? I made the decision to answer that question for myself. I realized that in order to do what made me happy I had to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Adults with ADD/ADHD are known for being innovators and spark starters. Our Brainstorms produce a never-ending stream of outside-the-box ideas that change the game; whatever that game may be. The down side of this is,  our multidimensional creativity doesn’t usually come packaged pretty for our linear world to process. Here are a few nuggets o’ knowledge to help you get started and stay on track to Entrepreneurial success.

Build a Blueprint

ADHD can be a gift and a curse when it comes to working independently. Keep in mind that you are the one responsible for adjusting your work environment and schedule to accommodate for your needs to ensure optimal success of your business ventures. Take the time before you start to document short and long term goals for your business venture. These goals should be kept in a place where they are easily referable throughout your work days. These goals will be the foundation for your business blueprint. Get into the habit of starting each work day with a set of tasks that are based on these primary goals. This structure of planning lessens the chances of you getting off track and losing interest. Small, attainable daily to-dos build a business that transforms and grows organically. Keep in mind: your blueprint and the success of your business venture will not look like anyone else’s. This is the essence of entrepreneurship.

Evaluate Your Tools and Resources

It’s important to have a plan of attack when it comes to managing the challenges of ADHDSince you are now the one that will set the structure of your work environment. Consider ADHD – friendly time and project management apps like 30/30 and Big Mind. Building a network of like minded people,  and making connections with business organizations like your Local Small Business Association, are essential to keeping focused an on track. You may want to consider adjusting your treatment plan for managing the aspects of ADHD that are beyond your control. whether you consider pharmaceutical treatment to accompany your plan or holistic options like enhancing your diet and exercise routine,  be proactive about your needs. Starting your own business means more work, responsibility and overall strain on the ADD brain. Being realistic about the challenges that are to come, gives your business a running start with a better chance at surviving the long haul.

Work on Your Own Clock

Entrepreneurship allows for our unconventional thinking to be conventional if we decide it. figure out your best time and best schedule for you. If you know that your biggest problem is getting out of the door, then maybe starting work at 10am  instead of 8am would work best for you. The point is to achieve success in business. This doesn’t require clocking in at a certain time. However, it does require hard and consistent work and dedication. Give yourself the best chance to work to your highest potential.

Schedule your Distractions: starting and owning your own business gives you this freedom. However, flexible scheduling doesn’t mean the absence of a schedule. Some distractions like reality show watching, phone calls and texts to friends, Facebook browsing and other such distractions should be strategically placed within your schedule to ensure you use every available amount of ” work time” focused on the tasks and not thinking of or switching your attention to other things. Keep in mind that you may not have the time to do those things as often because it may be slowing down the growth of your business venture.

Staying Engaged Can help you Stay Focused

With all the amazing ideas that pass through our stream of thought , it can be  easy to lose interest in a business venture that you were once passionate about. Plan to attend trade shows, meet-ups or join a group focused on your business. Shaking up your routine or simply focusing on on aspect of your business that you can build up to give yourself a new challenge. when  the itch to jump ship creeps up,these actions fill our need for novelty and can remind us of what had us fired up about the venture in the first place.

Remember What’s Important

Keeping the “why?” Answer at the forefront of your consciousness is key to the longevity of your business ventures. The reason why you chose to do what you are doing, whether it be to make more money, spend more time at home or to fulfill your purpose, is should be enough to ignite your passion when you find yourself straying from your goals. True business success could take months and even years to accomplish. Regularly redefining the answer to this question keeps you focused and determined to see your spectacular ideas out till the end.

No matter what tips or great advice we receive, the determining factor of our successful business venture is OURSELVES. The most successful Entrepreneurs with ADHD acknowledge their limitations and accommodate for them. They enlist the help they need and form habits that keep them focused and in the game, despite the downsides of their disability. Once you decide to put in the work, and actually work it, it will pay off. I will be praying for years of Entrepreneurial success for all of you.

Are these tips helpful? Do you have some advice to add? Share with me in the comments section and let’s talk about it!

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