Just a quick note on ADD/ADHD Medication Hype

I commented on a fellow blogging Sista’s page and I felt I was doing my own (future) readers a disservice by not saying something about these articles. However, due to my recent consideration of the use of stimulant medication to control my symptoms I didn’t want my own opinion swayed by any back and forth debate. I believe that at the end of it all, the choice of treatment should be between a consumer and her doctor or neurologist to decide. In my professional and personal experience no two people’s symptoms manifest the same and I’ve never seen a cookie-cutter treatment plan work the same on two people. i spoke further about this in the comment section of blackmothering.wordpress.com:

I have been hesitant to blog about this weeks hot button topic because there is so much information that feel biased when I read it. I have ADHD and have worked with several black and Latino children at the elementary through to the college level. As a child I was able to compensate for my limitations so drug treatment was not a consideration. However, recently my symptoms began to pose challenges that my earlier tricks and tools could not accommodate for. Some of these problems were negatively  affecting my family and my personal relationships. This is when ADHD became a “Disorder” for me and when drug treatment became an option. I don’t feel like my standing for or against the use and misuse of stimulant medication will do anybody any good. But I will say that those with ADHD or who suspect that they may have it should find a good doctor and have a thorough evaluation done before considering if drugs are right for them. The resent negativity surrounding ADHD and drug treatment concerns me because when legitimate searches for information keep hitting articles like you’ve discussed, it could hinder the progress toward someone seeking help. The members of the African American community already struggle to seek help for any form of mental illness due to the stigma. I fear that the desire to keep America informed may in fact perpetuate the stigmas that we are trying hard to break away from.

what do you think about the topic of over diagnosis and over use of drug treatment? let’s chat about  it in my comment section⬇️

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