ADHD: A Savvy Sista’s Story

adhdMy name is Ayesha, and I have Adult ADHD.

This year, at the age of 31, I finally decided to confront my symptoms and accept the diagnosis. With that declaration I set out on a mission to get to know that part of my identity. During the early days of my journey, I noticed a void in my search for information. There was a lot of the what’s and why’s of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, but I didn’t see much diversity in the who. The men and women who shared their experiences and the men and women who offered information about Adult ADHD looked and sounded very much alike; and not many of them told my complete story.

 I know that ADD itself doesn’t discriminate. It is a neurochemical condition that seems to effect one brain just as peculiarly as the next. But in our culture, the  face of ADHD still looks like that loud hyper little boy in school that can’t sit still. In my community, there’s still a general belief that therapy and medication is for crazy folks. 

I can’t be the only brown-faced girl out here like me, can I?

By sharing my own story, I hope to help remove the stigma associated with my condition, and enhance the face of  ADHD/ADD!


Adult ADHD (also referred to as adult ADD interchangeably) effects an estimated 4% of our adult population. That’s 12,556,000 people in the US. 15% of those adults are aware that they have it and are taking steps to treat it in some way. The other 85% are still unaware or untreated. ADHD is difficult enough to deal with when you have a name for your challenges, but the effects of undiagnosed ADHD can be life altering. The impulse control, disorganization and attention challenges associated with ADHD can result in:

  • higher rates of risky behavior,
  • inability achieve or even set attainable goals;

as well as more specific and devastating consequences:

  • unwanted pregnancy,
  • poor money management,
  • jail time (45% of our incarcerated population have ADHD and most don’t find out till they get there!)

each one

I’d like to use The “Savvy ADHD Sista”  platform to provide information that gives light to the gifts that the ADHD brain offer the world if tweeked just right. I’ve discovered useful tips and tricks and encountered share-worthy experiences so far. Many have become key tools for managing the limitations caused by my ADHD, and have enabled me to stay on my grind and actually use the creativity that also comes with it.

Even with all of my knowledge, I am stumbling through the process of perfecting the “me with ADD”. Learning from others is the real key.  Sharing this journey with a community of  people striving toward similar goals would be a blessing. I hope that you come along with me.

I’d love to hear your story. What does ADHD/ADD look like to you?

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