The Life You Want Tour: My Praise Report

Thank you to some dedicated supporters and friends, I raised the funds I need to buy my ticket!

Thank you to some dedicated supporters and friends, I raised the funds I need to buy my ticket!


I’m going to see OPRAAAAHHHH!



A few weeks ago I received an email from a member of my Innovative Sista Circle about Oprah’s The Life You Want tour. Of course my first reaction was “wow, how nice that would be.” and then my mind went to “but I can’t afford that, I can’t get there…” giving myself every reason to dismiss the challenge of attending such an upscale event. A part of me felt, that I would be swallowed up by this event; overwhelmed with information and awe that I wouldn’t be able to take anything away from it anyway. The conscious part of me understood that if i wanted to go to this event, I could. With effort and an extreme switch of the attitude, I could attend this event and grow from it.

In honor of my journey of vulnerability I chose to tell myself instead that I could get there. Once I allowed myself to change my mind about the possibility, I started seeing myself there. That turned my “no..” into a “Yes!”  The choice to say  “Yes!”  lead me to figuring out how.

O-Town on a BudgetMy Go fund me campaign

The Personal Development Budget is tapped out for me. However, I knew that if I opened up to the people that care about me and knew what I was aspiring to accomplish, that I could raise the money to reach the goal. It was a scary feeling because I’d be asking the people in my circles to invest in what I bring to the table, concerning my efforts to make women’s empowerment.

I have been receiving confirmation of the affirmation:

it’s not what you feel it’s what you know.

This was an opportunity to affirm my belief in myself and what I know to be true about my purpose. And with that affirmation I stepped forward on my journey and I came up with a financial goal using the cost of tickets and travel. Luckily the tour is in Newark, NJ; a skip away from me in NYC.  So I used Go Fund Me, a crowd funding website, to set up a campaign to raise the money I needed to get there. Check it out here : Help Me Get To Oprah

I put the plan in motion to get myself to Newark, NJ for Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend. After a few donations from my network I’m happy to say I got my nose-bleed seats!!! During the  campaign I made sure to search for discounted tickets through some online search engines. I lucked up with Ticket Network and I was able to get the my tickets for about 30% cheaper than the tickets left on Oprah’s main website. This left me with some money to eat and maybe a night in a motel!

I am really excited to find out what is in store; of course she is tight with the details on the website. Honestly, learning from the women (and that cool bunch of men) that are going to be in the venue i what I am looking forward to most. I am planning to get there armed to take in as much as possible so that I can share it.

I’ve already said “Yes!” to myself, so I’m bringing back as much as I can so that my next report blesses your life as much as the opportunity will have blessed mine (Yup, I already claimed it)!

Is anyone else going to the Newark The Life You Want Tour? Let me know and I will meet you in O-Town.